What is ChangeFundr?

ChangeFundr is a crowdfunding platform that is a straightforward, easy way to quickly raise money for nonprofits, organizations and individuals. We solve the number one problem for most nonprofits…They don’t have the funds they need to advertise. By scouring the internet we have found a solution that works for about 99% of the nonprofits. If you are not a nonprofit don’t worry we can still work with you. If you need help starting a nonprofit just ask!

We believe that to truly change the world you need funds and the technology to get your message out there to new supporters. We leverage the same social media networks that have helped fuel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and multibillion dollar e-commerce stores like Amazon.com.

On top of the grant money for nonprofits, the social media reach we also have created an easy way to create, sell, share and monetize physical products with your cause and message. How many times have you seen shirts with the Nike Logo on them? These people are walking billboards for what Nike sells. What about laptop stickers? How many people would engage with you if you are at a conference or even your local Starbucks and you had a laptop sticker like this?

What about creating a T-shirt with your Logo or branded Hashtags like this?

With liberty and #FundedJustice for all

We take care of all of the heavy lifting, design, manufacture, payment processing and shipping them out to your supporters. Nothing could be simpler to do.

ChangeFundr has made this process extremely user friendly. It’s a simple 3 step process.

First the user simply creates an account and is given the opportunity to upload a picture, and write about their organization or cause. This is then submitted to ChangeFundr for review and approval. Typically, within 24 hours, the campaign is approved; at which time the user would then launch the campaign. At this point, many processes go into motion.  The user is encouraged to share their own story via various social media outlets. ChangeFundr also begins to share the campaign through their own network to further the reach of the story.

Second the user chooses the VIP crowdfunding level of service they would like, Diamond or Platinum and sets-up an onboarding call to go over the details.

If you are raising for a nonprofit or charity there are two main ways this is accomplished

I want to raise money on behalf of a charity. Can I do this with your system?

As a social fundraising platform, we have to work within strict parameters when it comes to charity-driven fundraising (raising money on behalf of an organization or another person).

While we think it’s wonderful and inspiring when people pull together and support their community, we also have to be very careful about monitoring the kind of fundraising done through our system to limit the possibility of fraudulent campaigns.

Because we need all campaigns to comply with fundraising laws, regulations and requirements, to use our system for charity-driven fundraising: users must be in one of two categories to use our system for charity-driven fundraising:

There are not these requirements to raise money for personal campaigns.

Category 1: I'm an Authorized Officer of the organization

What does this mean?

An Authorized Officer is a member of a business entity who has been formally empowered by that entity to conduct business on its behalf, make financial decisions on it’s behalf, and to enter into borrowing arrangements with financial institutions.

Generally, the role of Authorized Officer is limited to these types of positions within the Organization:

  •  •  Owner,
  •  •  President/Chairperson,
  •  •  Treasurer,
  •  •  Vice President,
  •  •  Board Member,
  •  •  etc.

To use our system as an Organization, an Authorized Officer MUST have the authority to make financial decisions for the Organization. If you don’t know whether or not you’re an Authorized Officer, then you’re probably not one, so you are in Category 2 below.

If you ARE an Authorized Officer: 

  1. Personal campaigns are for personal use only, so your campaign MUST be created as an Organization campaign. If your organization is a non-profit, then you must provide us with your Organization’s government-issued tax number when you create the campaign.

  2. Your Organization must be a registered Organization and you must be able to provide us with documentation proving this if we ask for it. 

If you haven’t created your campaign yetclick here for a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through every step of creating your campaign. 

Category 2: I'm a volunteer/supporter of the organization

It means that you you DON’T have the authority to make financial decisions for the Organization, but you support the Organization’s cause and are raising money on behalf ofthe Organization as a volunteer fundraiser.

Is raising this money part of your Official Role with the Organization? If not, then you’re probably not an Authorized Officer.

If you’re NOT an Authorized Officer:

  1. Your campaign must be set up as a Personal campaignAND
  2. You must provide us with a Letter Of Subordinationauthorizing you to raise funds on behalf of the Organization through our system, AND
  3. You must accept contributions via the same payment email addressthe Organization listed on the Letter Of Subordination

Letter of Subordination

  1. From time to time, Users desire to raise money on behalf of non-profit, business or political Organizations. To comply with federal, state and local laws, the User must provide ChangeFundr and CPSI with proof that the Organization has clearly authorized the User to act on its behalf. To apply to accept funds on behalf of another Organization, the User must submit by email to ChangeFundr a Letter of Subordination on letterhead from the Organization and signed by an Authorized Officer of that Organization that expressly grants the User the right to fundraise on behalf of the Organization

Sample Letter Of Subordination

Authorized Officers can copy and paste the text from the sample Letter included below to create the Letter, than send it to the email address listed below. Underlined items must be replaced with information about the User and the Organization.

Date of writing

To Whom it May Concern,

This letter serves to introduce User as a volunteer fundraiser for Organization.

User is authorized to raise money on behalf of Organization effective Start date until End date.

Allowed fundraising activities include online fundraising with the ChangeFundr application made by ConnectionPoint Systems Inc. (CPSI).

The email address of the PayPal and/or WePay account to receive donations is name@domain.tld.

Brief statement of purpose, activities, and taxation status of Organization.

Signature of Authorized Officer of Organization
Name, position, email address, and telephone number of Officer

Electronic copies of the Letter should be emailed to:


Note: We can only accept these letters in PDF format

Third the campaign is launched and funds start coming into your crowdfunding campaign.

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