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If you can’t grow you can’t solve large social problem. Especially when dealing with social problems that are massive in scale

Are you still trying the bake sale approach with a 5% overhead and netting a few thousand dollars vs the professionally run fundraising program with a larger overhead that nets your organization $100’s of thousands of dollars.

Which pie do you prefer? What pie do you think the hungry would prefer? How many more people can you impact with $71,000,000 vs $71

Now we are talking scale…the potential for real change

We’ve raised more than $100,000,000 on the platform. Thousands of active campaigns, Social Media reach in the millions

Featured Cases

Why ChangeFundr?

We were designed from the ground up to help organizations and individuals just like you. So no matter how big your organization we can help.

Grant Money for $10,000 per month in online advertising

We will secure the grant for you All we need is to confirm your 501(C)(3) eligibility with the IRS. If you meet all requirements, we can get you the free $10K grant in just 1-2 weeks. Not a 501(C)(3) yet, but need help setting this up contact us directly.

Online Marketing Management

We completely setup your online campaign. This includes setting up tracking systems on your website so that you can see in real time how things are progressing. During that time the campaign is fully running and bringing clicks and people to your cause. You will also receive weekly ROI reports.

Rewards for supporters

Fundraising efforts that incorporate physical rewards like T-shirts, Hats, Stickers and even Social Media Badges have much more fundraising success. Until now, it used to take a dedicated person or group to set this up. Not anymore, we handle this entire process, from the design, manufacture and fulfillment. Plus, we incorporate this with the grant money you are eligible for to really drive donations.

Leverage the power of social media networks

We give you the tools to automatically share your campaign throughout social media networks. In addition, we target key influencers, whether they are journalist, bloggers, celebrities or others who have expressed an interest in your cause and engage them to share your message. This includes sending your physical reward products to them. Your campaigns also go on our social media networks that have a reach in the millions.

Video is everywhere

If your organization has a promo or cause video (under 2 minutes) we will create video marketing campaigns to show your video to thousands of people for just a few cents per view. This is the cheapest advertising on the planet. In addition, anyone who watches a certain percentage of the video we can re-engage them to convert them to supporters. This is exactly what big brand companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple do on a daily basis. If you need help creating a promo video we can accomplish this for a small fee.

If you are looking for something a little more – like a viral video campaign like the Ice bucket challenge contact us for a direct quote. We have experience with these types of campaigns.

Press Release

All campaigns automatically get our basic press release service. Send us your basic press release and we will add the information about your fundraising effort with a custom URL to help with branding –

Simplified Growth Hacking For Social Change

Growth Hacking is how companies like AirBNB, LinkedIn, YouTube, PayPal and even Facebook obtain millions of users for just pennies.

We also include our growth hacking guide book with 130 free and low cost idea to help you expand your reach. If you don’t have the personnel to implement these tactics, we have a limited number of interns who can help. In addition, we have a group that can professionally run these for you for an additional fee.



Why ChangeFundr?

We were designed from the ground up to help organizations and individuals just like you. So no matter how big your organization we can help.

Basic Boost

  • Consulting, Implementation, Conference call total 1 hour per month
  • Bid Management - Not Included
  • Remarketing - Not Included
  • Video Promotions - Monthly
  • Shared with our Social Media Partners 1 per month
  • Featured Daily Campaign Listing once major milestone reached
  • Social Media Power Sharing Tools
  • Customized URL for Branding
  • Basic Press Release
  • growth hacking guide book with 130 free free and low cost idea to help you expand your reach
  • List of key influencers social media accounts
  • Performance Report - Monthly

Premium Boost

  • We complete $10,000 per Month Online Ad Grant Application and Fast Track it with approval in as few as 3 days
  • We will create a custom reward using our team of inhouse graphic engineers and and put them on T-Shirts, Hats, Stickers, Social Media Badges or other physical products to reward your supporters.
  • We handle all fullfillment
  • Placement of tracking software on your website and integration with ALL of the major online advertising networks
  • We create 6 online campaigns with at least 24 ad groups per campaign
  • A/B Ad Testing - Included
  • Consulting, Implementation, Conference call total 6 hour per month
  • Bid Management - Twice Weekly
  • Remarketing Included
  • Video Promotions - Guaranteed at least 15,000 views per month
  • Shared with our Social Media Partners daily
  • Featured Campaign Listing and Home Page Placement Guaranteed
  • Social Media Power Sharing Tools
  • Customized URL for Branding
  • VIP Press Release - 500 news outlets
  • growth hacking guide book with 130 free free and low cost idea to help you expand your reach
  • List of key influencers, journalist, and bloggers social media accounts, emails, phone (when available)
  • Performance Report - Monthly

Why you should support projects on our platform

Safe & Secure

ChangeFundr takes its user's trust and safety seriously, not only for those donating, but also for the campaign owners themselves. Funded Justice uses the same secure and encrypted technology as your bank to ensure your donations are processed safely.

Accept Credit Cards

ChangeFundr accepts all major credit cards for donations, and payments to the campaign owner are sent directly using WePay or PayPal.

Focused on NonProfits and Large Crowfunding Campaigns

We are the ONLY crowdfunding platform that is EXCLUSIVELY focused on HELPING you raise money and NOT just listing your campaign and having you do ALL THE WORK. This starts from day one, where we help you create the rewards for your supporters, Press Release Blast, Social Media sharing, finding grant money for advertising and targeting Key influencers to push your campaign in front of the right audience. Our mission is to ensure that everyone who wants to change the world has the money they need.

Mobile friendly

All campaigns created are optimized for smart phone usage. So feel free to share your campaign by text, and rest assured that it will look great and it will be easy for your supporters to make donations

Easily Share On Social Media

We give you all the tools you need to share your campaign on all major Social Media platforms. We will also share your campaign within our Social Media accounts. In certain cases we will also reach out to journalist, bloggers, key influencers and other communities to help raise funds and awareness about your campaign.

No Barriers

We do not force you to reach any goal before you receive any funds. Also, we send you funds as fast as we can electronically process them.

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